"All my friends that have floor safes say they never use them because they're too hard to get to. The Blue Safe is so convenient I use it all the time. What a peace of mind it has given me."

Julie & Ryan
Orlando, Florida

"We have a vacation place in the mountains and I always worry about break-ins or fires when we're not there. With your safe, I can finally relax."

Katie & Charlie
Deer Valley, Utah

Burglary is not a major concern where we live but a house fire is always in the back of my mind. After my in-laws lost their house and all their cherished children's pictures and negatives in a fire, I was terrified that the same would happen to me. Losing the pictures of my children would be a loss, but losing the negatives would be a tragedy. By storing my negatives in The Blue Safe, I don't worry about fire, or burglary."

Nancy & Blake
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Safemark Systems
America's hotel safe company since 1983

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Worth Magazine interview with Famous Cat Burglar

  • "They (homeowners) keep the good stuff in their changing tables and underwear drawers, just like you and me."
  • The elapsed time for a professional burglary is 8 minutes.

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